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International Investment Gate (IIG) is a shariah-compliant real estate advisory company managing a rapidly expanding portfolio of real estate assets across the United Kingdom. Our esteemed team, comprised of seasoned experts, oversees selective private portfolios of HNWI and family offices.

At IIG, we offer a one-stop, 360-degree, customized, full-service experience. Our dedicated investment advisory services are tailored to meet your unique financial objectives and risk tolerance

With dual bases in KSA and the UK, our highly experienced team is easily accessible, ensuring a seamless experience for our valued clientele.

Real Estate Markets

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom stands as a beacon for real estate investment due to its historically stable market, strong legal framework, and diverse property options. With a growing economy, attractive rental yields, and a transparent property market, the UK offers a secure environment for investors, ensuring consistent returns, potential for long-term appreciation and diversification.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, a vibrant economic powerhouse, presents compelling real estate investment opportunities. With its ambitious Vision 2030 plan driving economic diversification, the country is experiencing rapid growth.

Our Business Model

Business Lines


Explore prime opportunities with International Investment Gate. Invest wisely in thriving neighborhoods while maximizing your returns. IIG offers a range of residential services, including portfolio management, concierge services, and excels in sales.


Explore our curated selection of lucrative, sharia-compliant commercial properties tailored for success. At IIG you invest in strategic locations and enhance your ROI.


Explore our visionary developments ranging from meticulously planned residential complexes to thriving commercial spaces. Invest in unique opportunities that create vibrant communities and business hubs.

Investment Advisory

Within our realm of services, we offer a full transaction cycle service, advising on Acquisition, Structuring, Debt Facilitation, Asset Management and Investment Disposals.
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