SAD Executive Real Estate launches a $334 million investment fund to invest in the global real estate sector

“SAD Executive Real Estate”, the specialized real estate company headquartered in the capital, Riyadh, has launched an investment fund with a size of $334 million in the real estate sector around the world, under the name “SAD Green Fund”, in partnership with “Bloom Investment Company”. Financial Director of the Fund and the International Investment Gateway Company.

The fund was announced on the sidelines of the “Saudi-British Partnership and Business Forum,” which was organized yesterday evening in the British capital, London, under the supervision of the National Competitiveness Center and the Saudi-British Joint Business Council, in addition to the Federation of Saudi Chambers of Commerce, which witnessed a high-level presence of leaders and investors from both countries. The two countries, to discuss the horizon of the close partnership between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom, whose trade exchanges exceeded 80 billion Saudi riyals.

The investment fund focuses on enhancing the value of the fund’s portfolio through global real estate investment, starting with the United Kingdom, in income-generating properties and properties under construction and development, contributing to achieving rewarding periodic investment returns, with diversification of risks. The fund also places among its investment priorities Real estate is based on green, environmental and social standards that contribute to protecting the land, and corporate governance (“ESG”) on income-generating properties.

All of the fund’s transactions were conducted in accordance with Sharia controls and provisions, and it was registered as a closed-end private placement fund registered with the Saudi Capital Market Authority, where the Kingdom has recently worked to regulate commercial and legal business, to involve the private sector in the continuity of the ongoing business of existing investment projects between the two countries.

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